Why did I go with KDP?

KDP. Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the platforms to self-publish on.

I’m now using them exclusively and I’ll tell you why. Data and royalties. I followed my own data on sales and I get 70% of the royalty of the sale if my book is priced over 99 cents.

What’s the data?

Here’s my novel Pollen.
Downloaded 20,000 times.
What percentage was KDP vs everyone else?
KDP 96%
Everyone else 4%

That’s a straightforward decision for me.

KDP have done a lot of work to expand the tools for self-published authors too. They have integrated the print on demand service so you can sell physical copies of your book. They all have the countdown deal, make your book free for 5 days every three months and a new advertising platform to drive more sales for your work.

Lastly, if you book is over 99 cents you get 70% of the royalty. You have to wait until you make a few sales to get that money in your bank account, but it’s straight up and simple.

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