A tale of two blurbs. Top tips.

Blurbs.  Short and simple and hard to write. How do you condense a novel into a couple of paragraphs?

Tip One: Sum the novel up in a sentence. It’s easier than you think.  Start with films. Sum up Star Wars in a sentence. I’d go for “Farm boy fights intergalactic evil empire.”

From there you can then expand to include elements like the force and the enemies he is facing.

So try that a few times and then write your blub.

Tip Two: Don’t stop.  Here is my first blurb for Pollen.

“Rome and Shunka live on opposite sides of the city walls — but it’s not only the walls that separate their lives — it’s the air they breathe.

Rome Shackleton is having a bad day. It’s the ten year anniversary of his failed attempt to escape his home, New Hanoi — a failure that would leave him with a notorious reputation and an unshakeable limp. When a shady deal with a bare knuckle fighter goes wrong, the secretive Flower Factory decide they will stop at nothing to hunt him down.

Across the walls, the district of Little Tokyo buzzes in a sea of neon lights. Shunka is happy. A typical teenager with lots of friends and access to the latest mods, she hasn’t thought about the walls since she was a child. But her world is about to turn upside down when she stumbles into a trap that will reveal a city full of sinister secrets.”

It’s okay. I don’t mind it. But I tried again after a year and went with the below:

“The border wall didn’t stop the murder. The air did.

From cult sci-fi author Aaron Lamb.

South East Asia. When an off the books deal with a pool shark goes south, Rome Shackleton, an entrepreneur who doesn’t mind bending the rules, is forced into a dark world of lies and murder. Using his uncanny skills to think on his feet Rome must navigate suicide bombers, prize bare knuckle fighters and face an impossible choice before his home of New Hanoi implodes.

Across the border wall, Shunka, a bodyguard for the most precious resource in Little Tokyo, food, uncovers a conspiracy for a coup. A conspiracy that controls the air she breathes. She in-lists the help of a seasoned journalist hack and a K-pop teenage superstar and all the weapons at her disposal she fights her way to the truth.

A story of justice in a corrupt world from the perspective of the everyday person, Pollen is a dystopian sci-fi adventure full of mystery and action.”

A question for you.  What blurb sold more copies of Pollen?

The second one has a better conversion rate, up by 7%.

Take a look at your blurb today, take a look at blurbs of books you love. Now rewrite yours and see what happens.

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