Choose your own adventure. The result.

Choose your own adventure.

You chose after the apocalypse to leave the city and find a farm… So here are Daria and Abby from Apparent Magnitude doing exactly that:

“Did you know there’s such a thing as a foetal kidnapping?” asked Abby as she wiped the sweat off her forehead then tucked her dirty blonde hair behind her ears.
“Oh god,” Daria said her dark skin turning pale. “What did you just say?” she held her stomach. “Is this the whole true crime thing again?”
“Yeah,” Abby kicked a stone down the road and it pinged off an abandoned car.
“I like a good hobby, but lines are going to have to be drawn.”
“I can edit out the gross stuff.”
“How do you edit out the gross stuff of foetal kidnapping?” Daria held her breath as they rounded a dead kangaroo.
“Well, it’s a sliding scale.”
“Ya think?”
“So let’s assume you’d be at one end and I’d be at the other.”
“In general or on this particular topic.”
“On this topic hun.”
“So is your whole survivalist thing an act?”
Daria stopped walking. Took a deep breath. Remembered her anger management class she was ordered to take. “As far as we know we are the only two people who survived the fall of Melbourne. Did the whole country go too? The world? I don’t know. What I do know is that we must both be as hard as nails to be alive and to be here.”
“I’m not. I was lucky. I hid for a week. Straight after the Sunrise presenters dropped dead live on air. When I came out of hiding everyone was dead,” she sighed. “I think I’m still in shock and it’s frankly the only thing keeping me going. Can we talk about something else?”
“Like foetal kidnapping?”
“Like food.”
“Now that’s something we can do.” Daria grabbed Abby bony wrist and tugged her forward. “Come on let’s do this.”
The asphalt spread out and down the hill like a snake. Cows in paddocks either side of them turned their heads in unison to watch the two aliens walking through their territory.
“I could really eat a cheesecake,” said Abby, “like not be polite and eat a slice but eat the whole thing and even if I threw up afterwards or had the biggest sugar come down in the world, it would be worth it.”
“I want a burger,” Daria stared at the cows.
“We also need to find another river.”
“We need a lot of things.”
“Remind me why we left all the supermarkets in the city?”
“Country towns have supermarkets too you know and they also have these things called farms. It’s where food grows.”
“Wonderful. Do you know anything about growing food?”
“No, but it can’t be that hard. Plus I downloaded loads of apps on my phone.”
Abby laughed. “What? How is that going to help? There’s no more electricity.”
“I’ve got a solar charger.”
“First place I looted was Aussie Disposals,” she smiled, but only with her eyes and turned to Abby. “That whole survivalist thing ain’t no act. It’s all about learning as you go. Adapt and you survive. I’ll teach you.”
“Ok. I don’t really think I’ve got the skills. I like true crime podcasts and woodworking with my Granddad.”
“Woodwork? Like carpentry?”
“No, like toy elephants for my nieces and nephews.”
“Oh so close to being super useful,” Daria surprised herself that she’d said that out loud.
“Well, I can learn.”
“You sure can,” Daria patted Abby’s shoulder. “Maybe tell me about your granddad over a big vegetable dinner later, look,” Daria pointed. “A farm with a huge veggie patch and if my map is right, there’s a creek not far behind that hill. This’ll be home for a now.”
“Great. So how about a story about the West Mesa Bone Collector?”

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