How to guide: Google Ad Extensions

So now you’ve got your first ads up lets make them really shine.

Ad extensions are simply more real estate for you to show what you are about on a Google ad.

Here’s an example from my favorite charity Oxfam.

oxfam ad.jpg

You can see four extra parts to the ad to click/tap on. Get involved, give a monthly gift, make a donation and help provide clean water.

Imagine what you can do in that space?

Hop into adwords and navigate yourself to this screen. Go to ads and extensions (the blue box highlighted below) and then the extensions tab at the top. Your screen will not have any extensions at the moment. google-guide-ad-extensions.gif

Hit hit that blue plus button and you’ll see a list of options:

ad extnesions part 2.jpg

We are going to focus on site links as this will enable you to drive more people to your website.

You can add your site link to either your entire account, to campaign or to an adgroup. I’d be specific if you can. Add it to an ad group your are focusing on. Just use the drop down box under ‘add to.’

Next create a site link. Think about your website and what you’d like to tell people.

For instance I want people to know I’m here to help, so I might write an ad to help them get to my google guide.

It should look like this:

google ad extension guide sample.jpg

You can add as many as you like. Four seems to be the best number.

You can use it to tell a story or highlight parts of your work you want your readers to know about that aren’t on your home page.

Go and test it out!

Here’s my step by step marketing guide.

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