Self-publishing marketing nine step guide

Step one: Be ready.

Write your Blurb, get a cover design, get edited.

Do not skip ahead if you’re not happy with the above, you will get negative reviews. here are my tips on writing a good blurb that gets’s you sales.

Step two:

Own your name on google.

What drives sales? What’s the number one source of traffic to websites? Google search.

If you type your name into google what comes up?

You need to be number one. Type Aaron Lamb in and what do you see? Me!

Doors open in writing from connections and word of mouth. And what’s the word we use? What do we search for? You search for the name of things. Like ‘harry potter’ or Stephen King novels, to find the one you want. Same here.

Click here for the guide on how to be number one for your name in Google search.

Step three:

Choose a plan. Before you spend your hard earned cash you’ve got big choices to make.

Do you go exclusively with Amazon KDP or use a selection of platforms?

You’ve got to pick one or the other otherwise your marketing money will sink into a black hole.

Here’s the lowdown on the pros and cons and why I’ve chosen KDP.

Step four:

Traffic! This is the fun stuff. Facebook is a brilliant tool to send interested potential readers to your book. RED ALERT, you will not see many direct sales from Facebook.

Don’t worry. Why? Because how many times have you clicked an ad or a post on Facebook and immediately bought something? I think I’ve done it twice in ten years. But that click, that sign of interest is the first part of selling. Learn about Facebook marketing techniques.

Step five:

The second part of selling. So now you’ve had people interested you need to make that sale.

Here’s my top tips on how to sell.

Step six.

To be free or not to be, that is the question. It’s a full on civil war online over that question.

Here’s the pros and cons.

Step seven:

Paid promotions on sites like Kindle nation daily, book Bub, pixel of ink, etc.

They are useful tools, but they are not the silver bullet.

Step eight:

Website. You need one. It opens more doors, it showcases your work and it’s easier than ever to run one.

Step nine:

PR. email writers festivals, local library events, national events, podcasts, radio shows. Get involved in the conversation. If People like what you are talking about, they’ll google your name!! See step two!