Rome and Shunka live on opposite sides of the city walls — but it’s not only the walls that separate their lives — it’s the air they breathe.

Rome Shackleton is having a bad day. It’s the ten year anniversary of his failed attempt to escape his home, New Hanoi — a failure that would leave him with a notorious reputation and a unshakeable limp. When a shady deal with a bare knuckle fighter goes wrong, the secretive Flower Factory decide they will stop at nothing to hunt him down.

Across the walls, the district of Little Tokyo buzzes in a sea of neon lights. Shunka is happy. A typical teenager with lots of friends and access to the latest mods, she hasn’t thought about the walls since she was a child. But her world is about to turn upside down when she stumbles into a trap that will reveal a city full of sinister secrets.

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