Facebook targeting 101


What it does well?

Awareness and engagement with you and your work.

What it doesn’t do well?

Immediate sales.

Why bother?

Because Facebook is the lead into your world. Facebook is the start of the sell, Google and Amazon are the end of your sale. If people on Facebook like the story you are telling with your characters and your book, they will come back later and download a sample, or better come back later and buy.

How do I reach these people?

Targeting! Here are the basics.

It’s so important. The first thing you should know impressions, eyeballs, views etc etc are all vanity metrics. They are great if you are coke-a-cola or Apple because you’ve got millions of dollars, if you are like me and you’ve got a couple of hundred bucks, then steer clear of vanity metrics!

Targeting will ensure that the clicks you are paying for are right for you.

Facebook will allow you to target your ads to a certain audience. For instance, I write sci-fi, so I target my ads to people who like sci-fi. I can also target deeper than that. My type of sci-fi is dystopian fiction so I can target people who like dystopian fiction.

Find your people!

Open up Facebook ads and start a new ad for clicks and you’ll see this:

facebook tips for self publishing

It’s the most important part of what you’ll do on Facebook. Play with it today and try to get the perfect audience that has about 100,000 to 200,000 people. SAVE that audience so you don’t need to do the work again. When you log back into your ad account you can select that audience here:

facebook tips for self publishing saved auidence.png



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