Finish that novel.

The hardest part of writing for me is to finish the book.

There’s a lot of tips out there great communities like at NaNoWriMo for help. I’d start there, the forums are amazing!

Ask questions, get involved and you’ll learn a lot about writing.

Now how do you finish a novel? Here are my top tips.

But first, you have a choice to make. Either, finish the story, or leave it open for a new book. You have to decide what you want to do. Are you writing a follow-up?

If you are chasing book sales then you have to write a follow-up. Your first book hooks people into your work and the second and third make the profit.

Top tip one:
Kill off a character. Death is a part of life. It’s something that no matter what your story is about, death is relatable. It also forces you as the writer to think long and hard about your characters and what they are bringing to your story.

Top tip two:
It’s is tempting to tie up all the loose ends as your characters resolve the central drama of the story. Think about a time when you overcame a drama. Did everything in exactly how you wanted it too? Even if you won? And when it was all over, did you feel like a different person? Did new doors and new ideas open up for you afterward? We are in a constant state of change and so are our characters. Your ending is never really an ending. So don’t end it. Resolve the drama, but not your character.

Top tip three:
Don’t worry about it. Yes the end matters, but people will love it or hate it. Don’t think about the reader and the reviews. Think about yourself. Do you like it? If you do other people will too. You will never write a perfect ending that everyone loves. I had one reviewer that downgraded from 4 to 3 stars because they didn’t like the character’s name!

Top tip four:
Re-read your favourite books endings. Pick up the last chapter and read it. What did you love about it? What did you hate about it? Don’t leave your ending in the middle. Love it or hate it.

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