The second part of selling

The second part of selling.

There are a lot of people out there with a lot of views on how to sell a book. Just like a baby, there is no perfect advice. What works for one person doesn’t for someone else.

I’m going to tell you what worked for me.

My plan of attack. Use Facebook to generate traffic and clicks to your site and to amazon. Run free promo days on KDP every 3 months and use promotional websites like kindle nation daily, freebooksy, to get downloads. Set up your keywords in the backend of KDP to be relevant for your genre. Test you blurb as often as possible and constantly improve it. Own your name on google search. Present at as many local libraries and groups as possible, use that to get some radio, or mentions on blogs, use that to get more radio and so on.

The second part of selling is all about making sure you are doing all of the above. It’s easy to focus on one fun area (I’m looking at you Facebook) and forget about another.

You need to be doing all of the above, all of the time.

Now go back to the step by step guide and see what’s next!

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